Saieh B.

What is your running experience?

When I first joined Trottin Oxen, I was training for my first half marathon. Since regularly attending, I have run multiple marathons and a 50k. All of which I would not have been able to accomplish without the support of those at Trottin Oxen.

How long have you been with Trottin’ Oxen?

Since April 2018. I became a regular member in June of that year. Trottin Oxen has become a pillar of stability and support in my life since I joined.

What experience will you bring to the Trottin’ Oxen Leadership Board?

Trottin Oxen has shaped me into the person I am today, and I’d like to be part of its future. To a lot of us, this is so much more than a running club. I want to do all I can to help reach others and share the love and family that Trottin Oxen can offer to others.

As Membership and Marketing Director, I plan to bring new ideas to our social media pages. In addition to taking and posting meetup photos, I plan to use multi-photo posts to spotlight our runners (holiday shoe feature posts, costumes at races, New Runner of the month). I’d also like to make Reels or utilize TikTok to try to reach new runners. I think expanding our social media footprint will gather newcomers which can turn into committed members. In addition to social media, setting up a website with a calendar and sending a monthly newsletter will help keep our current members informed if they are unable to attend. My goal in this position is to continue to bring people together, whether they have attended Trottin Oxen for years or have been quiet lurkers on our Facebook page trying to get around to attending.

My experience with social media includes having my own Instagram account that is focused on running (@run.it_off) that has amassed nearly 1000 followers. I have also provided photography and captions for other running accounts. I have created many posts that have multiple photos, used filters to enhance photo quality, utilized hashtags to reach a wider audience, and created reels on Instagram.

My leadership experience started with being cheerleading captain in high school. I also served as Vice President and Fundraising Chair of my fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, in college. These roles included organizing events for 70+ people and had a huge requirement for organization and communication. In my professional life as a proposal manager, communication and timelines are critical in completing the task at hand. If a task is outside my capability, I’m not afraid to delegate it to someone more capable and follow-up with that person to ensure it is completed.